Camp PLAYful

Tucked away in the back of the venue you’ll find Jam Fest’s best kept secret!

A play space for kids unlike any other! Camp PLAYful is back to June Lake and bringing their unique and open-ended activities for children to imagine, connect and play!

You’ll find this special area for families located west of the play structure by the lake. We’re sure you will find it to be the perfect spot to listen to music while also watching your children explore all the good stuff PLAYful Designs has provided.

Camp PLAYful is brought to you by Janet Young, owner of PLAYful Designs. Janet uses her experience as a teacher and director of cooperative preschools to create unique and engaging outdoor play spaces for special events as well as for families and schools.
Assisting Janet will be a few playful volunteers to help ensure the camp is a fun, safe and family-friendly destination for the children attending Jam Fest.

To learn more about PLAYful Designs
PLAYful Designs | Linktree

Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a parent.

Camp PLAYful Activities

Wahlbangers Drum Circle

With over 3,000 drumming events in the last 13 years — from Head Start to Hospice — The Wahlbangers Organization, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, continues their mission: “Banging down walls of stress, isolation, and stigma & building bridges to acceptance, inclusion, and wellness through the therapeutic benefits of group drumming”.

The Wahlbangers will be leading drum circles throughout the weekend including a special session for our kiddos.

Group drumming strengthens community bonds, breaks down barriers, empowers players of all levels, exercises body, mind, and spirit, and provides a platform for self-expression through the universal language of music. Drumming is good medicine at any age!

They love the rhythm communities created at festivals and at facilities, large or small – wherever 2 or more are gathered! Rhythm gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything.

They will have drums and percussion at the Jam Fest this year for all to enjoy – all you need is your heartbeat! Come experience the power of the drum as they follow in the rhythmic path laid down by our ancestors! To quote Mickey Hart: “It was a good idea 10,000 years ago and it’s a good idea today”.

To find more information about the Wahlbangers’ programs and services, check out their website:

Box of Rain Memorial Gazebo

The Box of Rain will be continuing its journey and returning to the Jam fest in September.

The Box of Rain is an interactive traveling art piece designed to provide a memorial space to reflect, honor, and grieve over those we have loved and lost.

In 2020,  it began with the idea to use an antique family heirloom trunk as a place to paint images that represent lyrics from certain Grateful Dead songs. The trunk then became the vessel to receive and hold names of loved ones that have journeyed on.

A blog originally was used to memorialize these names and journal the adventures the Box of Rain was taking and grew into a correlating Facebook page.

The Box of Rain is placed inside the solar lighted “Eternally Grateful” Memorial Gazebo with a needle felted cloud raining down on it. We encourage you to take some time out from the festival and place your loved ones names inside which will then be memorialized online. We hope you find love and healing inside.

“A box of rain will ease the pain
And love will see you through”

Yoga with Valerie Hart

We are so excited to have Yoga Instructor Valerie Hart joining us at Jam Fest this year and leading daily yoga sessions, including special ones for Kids/Families.

Valerie fell in love with yoga while studying at Heartwood Wellness Center in Northern California in 1999. She obtained multiple certificates, including Hatha Yoga at Aura Wellness Center in 2005, Prana Vinyasa Flow & Elemental Vinyasa in 2015 & 2016, and Soulful Wellness in 2019 & 2020 at Samudra School of Living Yoga. Most recently, she completed Art of Embodied Slow Flow Training and certification in Movement Meditation at Samudra School of Living.

Valerie started her teaching career in 2012, bringing into her classrooms her deep love for these practices. She loves the form of movement meditation and enjoys sharing all the benefits that leave her students with a calm mind and a happy body.

She teaches at Sierra Shanti in Bishop. For more information visit:

Wharf Rats

Jam Fest is all about creating an environment that is kind and supportive of our family and community. Providing a safe and healthy place for everyone to enjoy the music and magic of the fest. We are fortunate to have the Wharf Rats of Los Angeles provide support at the fest for those choosing a clean & sober lifestyle. Wharf Rats are not affiliated with 12 step groups but simply share a love of music and provide each other with support and fellowship at musical events. They will have a special gathering location in the venue near the lake. Stop by their table for more information, a meeting schedule or to just connect with others in recovery.